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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unable to throw anything out.
That's what Gordon, my Dutch husband, says is my biggest problem.
I protest, but secretly, I agree.
I just can't help myself - I find uses for things, I see beauty in the ugly and worn.
Funnily enough he's almost as bad as I am - this past weekend we finally managed to get the boulevard garden started.
I may have contributed the shabby wicker chair/now spiffy planter to the project, but HE dragged home the slabs of concrete he'd found to use as our stepping stones.
Me: shabby chair
Him: hunks of concrete destined for the landfill
Uhm.....isn't that the pot calling the kettle.....

I am really pleased with my little garden so far.
It needs some ground cover around the 'steps' and the jasmine vine to grow over the chair to be spectacular, but we'll get there.
We moved some unhappy lavender plants and pansies to this new spot and it looks like they have cheered up immensely. A small lilac cutting from a neighbour will also be added shortly - my hope is to have a lush little tableaux to look out on (instead of street traffic) when we are dining on the front porch.

Our neighbours one street over have the most amazing boulevard - in front of almost every home is a wonderful garden. It's so lovely to walk down the sidewalk surrounded by lush greenery and the jumbled scent of blossoms.
There are only a few of us on this street with plants out on our boulevard - but it's a start!

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