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Saturday, April 14, 2012

my new addition

Never say never.

It will ALWAYS bite you in the ass.

I swore I would never open another store - "two was enough for me... I'd have to be a madwoman to even consider three... how could I possibly run three stores with three kids... I've just had a baby... what am I? nuts?"

Guess what?

I opened another store.

In my defense, it happened quite organically.

I actually didn't notice I was opening a store.

I thought I was gaining a lovely little office...with a sweet little storefront space...tiny...insignificant...hardly noticeable as a store.

Dutch Husband started the renovation - the goal of a pretty little office we would share, as our Barefoot Contessa Fashion headquarters.

He did an amazing job.
Too good in fact.

How could I not use this pretty space as a wee shop?

How indeed.

This, my dear friends, is how you end up doing something you never thought you would do.

Introducing my latest addition - "Precious & Few" a Barefoot Contessa boutique... for children.

Break out the bubbly...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a slice of life

I love being a mamma - I truly do. I am so grateful that I am fortunate enough to have been blessed with two beautiful, healthy, daughters.
I also love having my own business.

As exhausted as I am at the end (and sometimes beginning) of each day - It's worth it.

I am doing my best to be an attentive mamma while striving to be a successful business woman - I don't think balance is possible, but I am working on integration.
Balance is unattainable, and I'd rather err on the side of my kids.

Integration is where it's at People.

To find a way to successfully blend my family with, what is essentially, a family business, is my goal.

For example, I have to do allot of traveling for my stores - (buying trips sound much more glamorous than they really are) but having my baby along makes it possible for me to blend my work life with my mothering life.

The fact that both, Tallulah Grace and Amalia Rose, are now wonderful little travelers, helps immensely.

To survive all the travel itself, I've had to devise how to do so with children in tow.
Most trips have been with Dutch Husband along, to wrangle the toddler while I'm in the appointment picking fashions for the shops.

The baby is content being worn and rocked as I go about my day buying and ordering.
So far, so good.

But as the Spring season gets underway, I need to head out more and more, and as fun as the adventure of hotel living can be, it wears thin.

The baby and I have been doing more of these trips as a duo of late and we have it down to a science. Everything from what I need from my hotel (breakfast included is a sanity saving must) rental car (pick up near hotel) and stroller (Snap & Go) to where I stop to change, feed and give me and my little companion a break (too numerous and varied to mention).

Having a routine to how I do things makes for a smoother trip, easier work day and happier children.

I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to do this.

How lucky am I to be able to do what I love, and bring my babies with me? (when necessary - I'm not sacrificing their childhood to be at work all day, People)

Having my family with me allows me to do what I do, be a loving mamma, and a modern business woman to boot.

The funny thing about luck?
It requires allot of planning, hard work and passion.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

what she wore

One of my favorite features on any blog I follow is the "what I wore" post. I guess being a boutique owner really is my calling, as I just love seeing what women are wearing and how they put it all together.

I had meant to do the same on this blog - a weekly feature of favorite outfits. Once I discovered I was pregnant, I thought I'd do some cute preggers outfits. Then once my baby was born I was going to do a feature on all the great clothes I had found/made for her.

Needless to never happened.
I still want to do it but feel self conscious as I have allot of weight to lose still.

The fashion industry is a tough business in many ways; image being the trickiest to navigate.

Even the formidable Anna Wintour wears black most days - you cant go too far wrong in a sleek black outfit.

Finally, I've decided to do it anyway - post baby weight and all.
I don't have much to wear now that I'm in this weird limbo land of breastfeeding baby and chauffeuring my toddler everywhere ( having two stores full of beautiful clothing is great - when I'm my normal size. Not so much post baby ) but it will be fun to challenge myself and document this new baby/fashion terrain.

Had to ask Dutch Husband to snap a shot of me today with my iPhone - ugly weather didn't help but I managed to bravely ignore the rain and dress for Spring anyway.
Baby Tallulah Grace is peeking out from the carrier. Vintage slips I dyed and embellished a la Dottie Angel style are my go-to skirt these days, and my new Kork-ease clog sandals that I am obsessed with.

Amalia Rose in her Sunday finery. You'll see that I dress my children much more sensibly than myself - no bare legs and open toe sandals on her today!

She's growing up so fast - her little wool duffle coat is looking short on her. I think it's heading to the cleaners and then storage for it's next tour on Tallulah Grace. I love classic styles on kids - they really are timeless.

I knit the "February baby bonnet" for Tallulah Grace - a bit of Spring colour to brighten these grey days and keep her wee noggin cosy.

Saw this little bonnet on a customers baby last week and I had to run to Three Bags Full (my local yarn shop) for some wool and knit it immediately.
Easy, fun and cute!

Spring? Where are you?

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