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Sunday, March 18, 2012

what she wore

One of my favorite features on any blog I follow is the "what I wore" post. I guess being a boutique owner really is my calling, as I just love seeing what women are wearing and how they put it all together.

I had meant to do the same on this blog - a weekly feature of favorite outfits. Once I discovered I was pregnant, I thought I'd do some cute preggers outfits. Then once my baby was born I was going to do a feature on all the great clothes I had found/made for her.

Needless to never happened.
I still want to do it but feel self conscious as I have allot of weight to lose still.

The fashion industry is a tough business in many ways; image being the trickiest to navigate.

Even the formidable Anna Wintour wears black most days - you cant go too far wrong in a sleek black outfit.

Finally, I've decided to do it anyway - post baby weight and all.
I don't have much to wear now that I'm in this weird limbo land of breastfeeding baby and chauffeuring my toddler everywhere ( having two stores full of beautiful clothing is great - when I'm my normal size. Not so much post baby ) but it will be fun to challenge myself and document this new baby/fashion terrain.

Had to ask Dutch Husband to snap a shot of me today with my iPhone - ugly weather didn't help but I managed to bravely ignore the rain and dress for Spring anyway.
Baby Tallulah Grace is peeking out from the carrier. Vintage slips I dyed and embellished a la Dottie Angel style are my go-to skirt these days, and my new Kork-ease clog sandals that I am obsessed with.

Amalia Rose in her Sunday finery. You'll see that I dress my children much more sensibly than myself - no bare legs and open toe sandals on her today!

She's growing up so fast - her little wool duffle coat is looking short on her. I think it's heading to the cleaners and then storage for it's next tour on Tallulah Grace. I love classic styles on kids - they really are timeless.

I knit the "February baby bonnet" for Tallulah Grace - a bit of Spring colour to brighten these grey days and keep her wee noggin cosy.

Saw this little bonnet on a customers baby last week and I had to run to Three Bags Full (my local yarn shop) for some wool and knit it immediately.
Easy, fun and cute!

Spring? Where are you?

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