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Saturday, December 3, 2011

lessons learned

Managed a trip to the Fieldstone Vintage Market today!

So glad I made it happen as it was wonderful wandering the stalls of vintage goodness. Even herded the girls and Dutch Husband into a portrait shot - there was a 'photo booth' set up with lovely old chairs and fantastic decor.

Can't wait to see how it turns out (they email the shot). Tho I am prepared to see my three year old grimacing, the six year old blinking and me yawning. Such is the fate of any family shot these days.

Even got in a wee bit of shopping - purchased five vintage linen stockings for Christmas this year. I was planning on sewing new ones myself, out of my enormous linen stash, but let's face it - it's not gonna happen.
Not this year. Sigh.

I've really had to be firm with myself. Talked myself off the Christmas guilt ledge a few times so far, and it's only Dec 3rd...
I am having to be reasonable (not my strong suit) and accept the fact that I will not get everything done that I would like.
For example, I am participating in one of my favorite craft shows - Got Craft? and have had to swallow the bitter, bitter, pill of reality.
I will have some of my handmade jewelry for sale, but not all the other wonderful items I've been scheming to make.

Everything got a start but no finish.
I'm looking at a studio full of half made...everythings.
Those lost weeks with the baby being ill really hurt my production line.

So this year, I am learning the lesson of patience and temperance.

THAT, and I am SO going to steal the twinkle-lights-in-old-canning-jars idea...I think I can manage to put that together this year.

What lesson are you learning this Holiday Season?

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