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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have been busy digging into boxes and boxes of my horded treasures.
(I have the excuse of hording items because I like to say that they are to sell in the shops, but I find that I don't seem to ever let them get to the shops)
Till now.

As a result, I have been doing allot of polishing of silver.
So much so, I find I am beginning to dislike polishing all this silver.
This is outrageous comment for me as I adore polishing silver.
I like to have it gleaming and on display around my house.
I am humbled by the sheer volume of stuff that I have accumulated.

I am trying very hard to let go of these pretty things and fill the shops with these treasures.

The only way I am allowing myself to keep anything is if I can use it. Right now. Preferably in some unexpected way. I must either replace and 'upgrade' what is existant or find a way to use the new piece immediately. I end up having to 'think outside the box' and now my makeup is safely hidden from view in a silverplated entree dish. Q-tips artfully arranged in a pretty gravy boat and my cottonballs in a lidded sugar pot. It makes for an awesome bathroom!
I've also hit upon the idea of using the "missing it's twin" sugar or creamers as little vases. To make this work I have to superglue a florist frog into the bottom of them.
So far, so good.

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  1. Oh, it looks like I'll have to drop by the shops to do a little silver shopping! The gleaming silver makes your q-tips beautiful! (sure beats the canning jar holding my q-tips!) *smiles* ~Jen