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Friday, October 1, 2010

dottie angel dearies

What a weekend!
I was in Seattle for an ACE camp. It was with the amazing Dottie Angel and I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it all was.
Truly amazing.
I am so happy I managed to get away.
My mom, as some of you may know, is dying and I just couldn't see my way clear to being away for that long (three days!).
Finally, my mom was stable enough and encouraged me to attend.
That did it.
Off I went.
With a newly purchased GPS installed in the Mini (seriously, you don't want to know how bad my lack of direction is) and away I went.
This GPS has given me a renewed sense of freedom - I can now go anywhere without fear of getting lost, never to be heard from again.

With much anticipation, and a healthy dose of trepidation, I arrived...late for the evening meet and greet but absolutely thrilled to be there.
Everyone was wonderful.
All the "dearies" were, and are, amazing women.
Some heavy hitters in the group....Jade....Becki...Christina....Jessie....Debbee...Michelle...Stacy....Rita, Lynn, Lou, Diana and Rita.
Can you say...intimidated?

We ate like kings (queens?) and crafted for two days straight.
Into the wee hours.
The meals were gourmet, wonderful and generous.
The artist Dottie Angel - gracious, incredibly generous and so, so lovely.

I am so very grateful for the wonderful weekend of sewing, learning and sharing.

I promise, I will finally confidently cut into all my beautiful stashed fabrics and make wonderful things happen.

I will.
I will...
I will!


  1. cut cut cut!!!

    Eva, it was such a pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for spending that extra time with Jade, Beki and I while we stumbled around Fremont...

    You are such a wonderful person to know and it would not have been near the memorable experience without you. Please do keep in touch.

    I have also posted my recap tonight and found it very difficult to put it all into words. Part of me (gulp) wanted to keep it all to myself. It was that special. xoxo

  2. Eva, you filled our evenings with such stories and laughter - it was truly so fun to meet you!! xx

  3. This is the dawning:)

    Looking at the pictures and reading your words I got tingles and well you know me a little teary eyed.

    You make this world prettier and all things lovely!

    I really wish I could see in person what you made but oh well I got a little glimpse......

    so darlin.... cut n sew, cut n sew!

  4. Oohh a whole weekend to just craft, bliss. Hope that you are inspired to make more lovely things.