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Thursday, January 28, 2010

glamorous life

This, dear readers, is a photo of my feet resting in the bottom drawer of the dresser next to the bed in the smallest hotel room I have ever been in.
This, is my glamorous life.
This is what it takes to bring the fashion to Barefoot Contessa.

It's funny cuz I know people don't realize what really goes into a buying trip.
It's not all cocktails and pretty dresses.

I don't like to spend allot (clearly) on the hotels I stay in as it means less money in my budget for stock (and I'm cheap) but even I know that this room is ridiculous.
I posted on Facebook how "my room is so small...I can sit on the end of the bed, reach over and flush the toilet with my feet in the shower" I exaggerated.
A little.
Cue next photo...

These are my feet in the shower, and you can clearly see the edge of said bed.

This is what you get for $69 a night (breakfast included!) and as I'm very close to my destination, I can simply walk there each day saving a ton on taxi's.
All part and parcel of my buying trips.

I was in Seattle earlier in the week and stayed at the lovely Mayflower Hotel (I do splash out occasionally) So I did have a much more glamorous buying trip whilst there for the Gift Show.
In San Francisco I stay in this ridiculously small hotel (or so I thought) on Powell street, right downtown. Close to all the great restaurants and fabulous stores and within easy walking distance to the Convention Center for the gift show that I usually attend.
My absolute favorite thing about it?
The little Mexican lady who sells fresh gardenia blossoms to pin to my dress!
Makes me so crazy happy and I would never have discovered her had I stayed at a posh place.

I have one more day of shopping ahead of me so I'd best head off to bed...I'll just pull my feet up outta this drawer and lay down.

Can't wait to show you all what I've found for Spring!
I'll take some shots tomorrow and give you all a sneak peak!


  1. Next time you're in New York you're not staying at a hotel, you're staying here. I promise you a window and a vase of flowers :)

  2. Oh - what is the name of the hotel? I'm planning a trip to NY mid-year and it might work for me - especially as it has its own bathroom. NY accom is expensive...