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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have been working on these collage candles of late....till late. My only opportunity to craft has been in the wee hours, when Amalia is asleep.
It's been so great to get back into my studio and putter about.
I am doing a 'line' of these - collage and mixed media - candles, matchboxes, journals, notepads and cards.
My use of glitter is bordering on abuse, but I sure like the results!
So far I've finished the candles and cards - the journals are taking a bit longer as I just keep adding to them. I want to have bits and pieces of found items tucked inside - little surprises to discover.
Years ago I bought a journal from famed Found Cat artist Anna Corba, it was amazing - bits of old ephemera tucked inside and odd little stamps here and there. You couldn't help leafing thru just to see what inspiration was already hidden inside this 'blank' book. It was so much fun to write in - such a treasure. I am hoping my humble journals contain a similar magic to them.

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