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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new beginnings

It's an old photo.
Before the birth of my daughter Amalia Rose, before expanding my little shop to two locations, the death of my father and the downturn in the economy.
A simpler time.

My life has changed so much since this photo was taken for a newspaper article on my planting gardens in front of the shop. I've made mistakes (more than I'd care to admit to) and also had some success - the best being my little baby girl.
I have made a career of encouraging people to live with lovely things, use them, enjoy them, wear them.
Not for me the cupboard of 'good plates' to only see the light of day when a fancy occasion presents itself.
I adore living with my vintage china, clawfoot tub and chandeliers (in every room - even the nursery!) I hope to instill an appreciation of 'all things lovely' in my daughter, a love of the old, the worn, the meaningful.

I have always taken my New Year's Resolutions very seriously, I ponder and reflect and plan for the coming year what I would like to achieve, change and encourage. I think 2009 will be the year of re-invention. For myself personally and for my shops - a simplifying, a going back to the beginning and doing what I do best.
Barefoot Baby will launch this year, starting with an expansion of the baby section in the shops, a renewed dedication to designing for Barefoot Contessa, and the return of vintage treasures that I have collected over the years.
A simpler, prettier, and hopefully happier 2009 to everyone!

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  1. A very happy new year to you! Welcome to 2009 and new beginnings.