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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am in the midst of trying to organize the bolts of fabrics, baskets of trim and overwhelming amount of vintage bits and bobs that I have's a treasure hunt and Christmas morning all rolled into one.
Trying to make sense of the mountains of stuff that has rendered my studio impossible to work in. Literally.
How could I have forgotten about that tablecloth or this bit of lace or....fill in the blank.

It's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

I am itching to sew, knit, crochet, sketch....DO SOMETHING.
Impossible until I organize and render this less a storage room and more an organized inspiration.

My renewed creative spirit needs parameters.
I will use all that I have stockpiled and collected over the years!
I promise that I will sort it as I go along!

Unearthing treasures long forgotten and with them, hopefully, my original idea of what they were intended for.

A crumbling children's book with letterpress pages just begging to be framed. Needlepoint napkins calling out for transformation (baby bibs perhaps? pockets on skirts?) and bags of vintage buttons....

Growing up I remember my mother saving the buttons from our old clothes. This was always the final step for any exhausted item of clothing - she could transform my fathers tired shirt into a little dress for me and the scraps added to an ongoing quilt.
I get a warm homey feeling just looking at old cards of buttons.
Like the heroine Amelie dipping her hands into sacks of grain - I get that same pleasure from handling my vintage tins of pearl buttons.
The unlimited possibilities gladden my heart.


  1. Its amazing how we can collect things and then forget all about them. Its nice to go through and organize it all though, after looking through all your stuff you may emerge knowing what your next creation will be, I love the pic of the vintage buttons. :)

  2. oh my gosh, there's something in the air because reorganizing both my creative space and my entire living space has become my latest obsession over the past 2 weeks. I too have unearthed some gems and gotten rid of a whole lot of no-gems ;)

    Good luck with your feng shui mission and your new creative projects unearthed!