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Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's been awhile...

So much has happened while I've been away. I don't even know where, or how, to begin.

Let's make it easy:

- I got pregnant!
After two unsuccessful years
trying, we finally made it happen. ( I don't discount the power of "giving up" and selling off all baby items. Had just sold off the last of the nursery furniture when I found out )

- It was a drama filled pregnancy.
Had originally set out to 'enjoy the process' this time ( I was so nervous when I was carrying Mia, it's all a blur ) So having complications threw a wrench in my 'enjoy being pregnant' plans.

Between competitive growing fibroids, a suddenly overactive thyroid condition and receiving a 50/50 chance for Downs Syndrome - it was an emotional roller coaster 9 months. Fortunately, everything worked out just fine.

- I gave birth to a super cute baby girl!
Named her Tallulah Grace and she is the sweetest little bun ever.

- 6 week old Tallulah Grace suddenly has a fever and we rush to hospital.
It's Meningitis.
I'm devastated.
Cue forward a week, to today, and she is doing great and we will be heading home tomorrow.
Sighs of relief all around.

There you have it. Some of the events of the last year. Well, baby specific events of the last year.
Lots of other interesting non-baby things occurred too but they would require more time (and coffee) for me to recount today.

This is just me saying "Hello, I'm back".

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  1. Oh my gosh Eva I'm so happy to hear your baby girl is okay. I had knots in my stomach after hearing about her fever and complications.

    I can't imagine what you've gone through.

    Hopefully I'll get to see you soon. xo


  2. I'm so happy that the little cutie is doing fine... Wow -- some year you've had! 'Happy to see you're back at this blogging thing...

    Beata xox