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Saturday, July 11, 2009

As some of you are discovering, I am a great horder of things. My Dutch Husband would probably take exception to the 'great' part of that statement but that's another story...
In all the purging and organizing and general simplifying of life that is going on around here lately, I stumbled over a box of broken china - before a collective gasp ensues, it was a horded box of broken china. It was already broken when the hording began.
I have been keeping, and adding to, this box of 'junk' over the years - if you have to ask why then you might wanna skip this post.

I have big plans for this box.
Back when I first opened the store I did an enormous mosaic in the front windows. I also sold a few pieces of furniture that I had worked my broken china magic on.
If you've ever done this kind of work then you will know how time consuming and challenging it can be. Needless to say I burnt out and haven't touched a pair of tile nippers in awhile.
This box of broken yummyness has been waiting for two 'big plan' ideas.

One - a series of stepping stones for my garden, featuring different rose plates broken and then "repaired" as the central motif. These would then be found winding in and out of what is turning out to be a rather wild cottage garden. I have 30 stepping stones.

Two - my masterpiece - the front facings of the cement stairs to my house. Again with the rose plates (did I mention I have a 'thing' for pretty rose plates?) re-assembled in their shattered glory and having the added practicality of the house number nipped out in black tile on the very last top step.
My husband is appalled.
The big plans have been on hold for awhile.

Cut to the other morning when baby and I went for a rainy morning stroll and I discovered this walkway in my neighborhood! It is a mix of tile, pebbles and what I can only guess to be painstaking pottery pieces especially made for this project. Incredible.

I stood there agog.
It was the entire walkway. I don't even remember if they continued up the stairs - I was in such shock by it's brilliance I don't remember looking up. I will have to return to see what they did to the stairs and report back.
It is incredible.
It made me happy.

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